About Us - Pinks and Greens


We set out to create a platform for active women, a place to find what you need for an active life - apparel, tips, advice, support, and interaction. We know how you stay active, products you need, and what’s important to you. Our goal is to make you feel stylish, confident, and strong through every part of your active life.

We try on everything (yes, everything), so you don’t have to.


We believe the right clothes make you feel great and fulfill your needs - - and through a personalized shopping experience, we select the right clothes for your unique body. We seek out and road-test offerings from 100’s of brands to provide styles that compliment you at every size, fitness level, and age.

But Pinks and Greens isn’t just about clothes. It isn’t just about sports or working out. It’s a place to connect with women just like you. A resources to get advice, share ideas and accomplishments, and learn from one another.

You are an individual, a team mate, a member of our community. You have goals, you have struggles - Pinks and Greens shares and supports them all.

Look Good, Play Better, Feel Great.

Check out our Customer Feedback page to hear more about us from women just like you.