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Best sweat proof Mascara?

I’m so tired of black circles under my eyes. What kind of mascara do you use? I’ve tried most pharmacy […]

6 replies
Slimming Teas? Are they safe?

I just purchased a slimming tea from a drugstore. It says in the label that it contains laxatives which also […]

5 replies
Have you tried rowing for part of your workout routine?

I keep hearing about rowing lately – my friend (who is a personal trainer) keeps telling me that rowing is […]

3 replies
Do you do planks?

I have been having a lot of lower back pain lately and from what I’ve read, its due to a […]

4 replies
I don't want to hit off the women's tees – do I have to?

When I play with my husband we both hit off the white tees. I’m just as strong a golfer as […]

8 replies
Which Clubs Can I Go Without to Start?

I’ve recently taken up golf and am ready to get my first clubs but don’t want to spend the money […]

2 replies
Best sun protection products?

I’m spending so much time out in the sun getting burned. Besides sun protection shirts, what do you wear to […]

4 replies
Do you wear a sports bra to play golf?

Do you wear a sports bra or regular bra when you play? I prefer a sports bra so that I’m […]

9 replies

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