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Forearm Strength Exercises

I need to increase my forearm strength. Can anyone recommend their favorite exercises?

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How Can I Improve My Game?

I just started golfing and I’m too embarrassed to go to a golf course until I get better, but how […]

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Best Sneakers?

I need new tennis sneakers. Anyone have recommendations for their favorite pair?

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Golf in Scotland

Hi Karen, I am planning a trip to Scotland at the end of August and have devoted 5 days for […]

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Tennis racquet suggestions

I want to start playing tennis and I have no idea how to pick a racquet that is right for […]

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Training for a Half Marathon

I currently run 3-4 miles, 2-3 times per week. I’d like to start training for a half marathon but I […]

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Stretch Before or After Your Run?

Do you stretch before or after you run? I always stretch before, to warm up my muscles, but my husband […]

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Wine Recommendations?
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