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How to play faster rounds?

When I play with my girlfriends it takes forever to finish our round. Any advice on how to speed it […]

3 replies
I don't want to hit off the women's tees – do I have to?

When I play with my husband we both hit off the white tees. I’m just as strong a golfer as […]

8 replies
cocktails while playing?

Do you drink while you play golf? I play in a league where the ladies have a “kickoff cocktail”, a […]

7 replies
How much $ is too much for a round?

I’m just starting to play golf again. How much should I expect to play for a round? How much money […]

6 replies
Any Good Golf Exercises?

I feel like I finally got into golf “fighting form” and now winter is coming.  Does anyone have any good […]

2 replies
Best Sports Bra for Tennis?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a sports bra well suited for tennis? I feel like I need one with […]

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Do you wear a sports bra to play golf?

Do you wear a sports bra or regular bra when you play? I prefer a sports bra so that I’m […]

9 replies
the great debate: white or black tennis socks?

just noticed that most of the ladies on my tennis team wear black socks, where I must own about 100 […]

5 replies

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