Short Golf Skorts: How Short is Too Short?

When our customers ask us for help choosing a golf skort that is right for them, the most common question we hear is: How long is this golf skort? For many years the average length of a golf skort was 18 inches. Most customers would request a golf skort that hit just above the knees, and any shorter length skirts we carried we offered to our our petite customers who were looking for their skirts to hit their legs in essentially the same spot. But a big trend we’re seeing now is short golf skorts on the course. Our customers are asking for golf skorts in lengths that run anywhere from two or three inches above the knee to mid-thigh length! One way we’re seeing people embrace this trend is by re-purposing their tennis skorts and wearing them as golf skorts. Because they are technically “tennis” skorts they have no pockets, but we can’t help falling in love with how cute they look as golf skorts! The average tennis skirt length is 12.5″ so this is a HUGE difference from the traditional 18″ length golf skort. Think you’d like to try this trend for yourself? Here are three skirts we think would look great on the course.

short golf skort


I Like It!

Not ready to go super short? Then you’ll love this Jofit Napa Sport Challenger Tennis Skirt. We like to call this a hybrid golf style and we are loving navy and pink this season! At 13.5″ on a size S (the length increases with the size) it is not as short as some of the other styles and it has pockets! This is the perfect golf skirt for someone who is looking to embrace this new trend but doesn’t want something very short.






short golf skort

I Love It!

Got great legs and want to show them off? Then look no further than this Lucky in Love Women’s Fringe Black Skort. Fringe is everywhere this season, even on the golf course. This fringe skort is technically a “tennis skirt” so it has no pockets, but we can’t help falling in love with how cute it looks as a golf skirt. If you prefer a shorter skort or are always on the hunt for petite golf clothes, this will be perfect at 12.5″ long. This fringe skort is made from high quality, moisture-wicking material, and comes complete with built-in shorts, and a comfortable, wide waistband for a relaxed fit. We paired it with a solid black golf top from Lucky in Love for a sleek look.





short golf skort

I Gotta Have It!

Love this trend and ready to go all the way? Then this Adidas Women’s Tennis Skirt is just what you are looking for. At 12” long, this is one of our shortest skirts, yet it’s long on style! The color block style is so on trend and cute pleats are a great way to call attention to your legs. It also features a stretch woven fabric along the upper area to slim and shape your waist. All eyes will be on you when you rock this great style on the course.

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