Was the LPGA’s Penalty Against Lexi Thompson Justified?


Everyone seemed to be up in arms this past week after the rules controversy surrounding Lexi Thompson at the LPGA’s Ana Inspiration Tournament. Thompson lost the ANA Inspiration tournament after she was docked four strokes for 2 separate penalties.

The first was for not properly placing her ball marker in the correct place=2 strokes.

The second signing an incorrect scorecard= 2 strokes

The penalties occurred during the round on Saturday, but it wasn’t until a viewer emailed the LPGA Sunday with video of Thompson placing her marker an inch off. Tournament officials reacted by informing her Sunday that she had been penalized.

After the public caught wind of this, so many people started to weigh in with their thoughts on our Facebook page.


LPGA Tour commissioner Mike Whan also shared his thoughts on how Thompson’s rules breach, which cost her four shots down the stretch of a playoff loss to So Yeon Ryu in last week’s first major of the season.

“It’s embarrassing,” Whan said Tuesday oon Matt Adams’ Fairways of Life Sirius XM PGA Tour radio about the incident. “It’s one of those situations where the penalty does not match the crime.”

Rickie Fowler was very direct about his view that patrons should never be able to phone, email, or otherwise have any say in assessing violations.

“There’s no question it should be ended,” Fowler said on Monday from Augusta National. “I don’t think you could find one player that would say otherwise. Now if there’s an official always monitoring any video or anyone on camera, that’s fine, and I have no problem with that, if that’s an official. You look at other sports, they go to someone in the video booth and there’s an official in there that can look over stuff, great.

“There shouldn’t be any outside contact, whether it’s e‑mail or phone calls whatsoever.”




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