Golf Pants That Take You From Course to Coffee

With summer just around the corner we cannot wait to get into a pair of these great Swing Control golf pants. With these gorgeous colors and prints they not only look good, but they’re also designed to make you look good too! The wide, comfy pull-on waistband features a double layer of tummy control to keep you looking smooth and slim. So why limit these pants to just the golf course? We’ve taken two of our favorite prints and styled them to show you how you can wear them all weekend long!

On the Course

Saturday tee time? Well, these are golf pants after all, so throw on your favorite collared shirt and let’s go! We’ve paired these gorgeous spring blue floral pants with GG Blue’s Venezuela sleeveless polo in bright cerise. The snap neckline lets you decide how much skin to show. And for the bright floral pants we chose this lipstick red Jofit Barossa sport polo.   The cutaway armhole is perfect for showing off great shoulders!

Saturday Celebration

Bridal or baby shower on the calendar? We’ve got you covered. With the navy floral pants: Swap out the hot pink polo for a white t-shirt with a yellow cardigan, and throw on a pair of navy heels. You’ll look modern and sophisticated — no one will ever guess you are wearing golf pants!  To dress up the bright floral pants:  swap out the red tank for this beautiful navy blue tank from Sofibella, another beautiful sportswear piece that does double-duty as a dress tank. Toss on a cardigan, navy espadrille wedges, and a few gold bangles and you’ll be one of the best dressed at the event.


Sunday Brunch

These pants have taken you from the course to a fancy event, and now let’s style them for something in between. Meeting friends for brunch? Here’s how we’d change things up. For either look,  grab the beautiful Sofibella tank you wore on Saturday! If you choose the blue floral pants, slip on a cute pair of navy ballet flats, grab your sunglasses and you’ll look casual and cool. With the bright floral pants toss on a white jean jacket, and these adorable wedge sandals in navy blue. Either way, you’ll look great but feel like you’re still wearing your pjs in these comfortable activewear separates!

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