How To Align Your Tee Shot

How To Align Your Tee Shot

PG Golf Pro Karen Noble Tells Us How

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Having trouble lining up your tee shot? One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced golfers make is aiming too far to the right. It’s important to have good alignment habits in order to straighten your ball flight. Here is how you can align your shot in 5 easy steps.

number-box  Stand directly behind your ball and your target.

number-box-2  Stare down the target line and pick an intermediary target. Choose something directly between your ball and the flag, about 3-10 feet from your target.

number-box-3  Aim the clubface down the target line over your intermediary target.

number-box-4  Set your feet, hips and shoulders parallel to your target line, and to the left of your target.

number-box-5  Take your shot!

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