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Track star, Lolo Jones, is the girl you can’t help but root for. She’s been open about a difficult childhood as her single mom struggled to support Lolo and her siblings. Discovering early on that track would play a key role in achieving her goal of attending college, she stayed behind to finish high school while her family moved to another city for work. She graduated from Louisiana State University as an 11 time All American and a 6 time SEC champ. Winning US and World Hurdling Championships along the way, Lolo continued on to compete in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics -- even making the 2014 Olympic Bobsled team. Outspoke and confident, Lolo has had her share of controversy but still maintains that girl next door personality. We are hoping to cheer for her once more at the upcoming Olympic games.

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Christian athlete Lolo Jones admits staying celibate is harder than Olympics training

People might poke fun at Christians who vow to remain celibate before marriage. Olympian runner Lolo Jones has made the same vow…

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Undeterred Lolo Jones’ outlook not good to make World Championships

Lolo Jones confessed that her hope of qualifying for the World Championships “looks not good right now” on Saturday, but she’s been in this position before. .

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Lolo Jones Makes Olympic Bobsled Team

Track and field athlete to get another shot at a gold medal in Sochi…

  • Lolo Jones Freaks Out in an Aerobatic Plane
    • Lolo Jones Freaks Out in an Aerobatic Plane

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Lolo Jones

Lori “Lolo” Jones (born August 5, 1982) is an American track and field and bobsled athlete who specializes in the 60 and 100 meter hurdles. She won three NCAA titles and garnered 11 All-American honors while at LSU. She won indoor national titles in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the 60 m hurdles, with gold medals at the World Indoor Championship in 2008 and 2010.

She was favored to win the 100 m hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but tripped on the penultimate hurdle, finishing in seventh place. She went on to win silver at the 2008 World Athletics Final. Jones is the American record holder in the 60m hurdles with a time of 7.72.

Jones also competes as a brakeman on the U.S. national bobsled team. She won a gold medal in the mixed team event at the 2013 World Championships. asicsamerica.com


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