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Gabby is a sight to behold during her floor, balance beam and uneven bars routines. What looks so effortless, in fact took grueling hours of training and much sacrifice. It’s not to say much of it wasn’t easy for Gabby. When her big sister first introduced Gabby to cartwheels and back hand springs, it was clear Gabby was a natural. Her ability wasn’t pursued until the age of six and just two years later Gabby was a Virginia State Championships winner. At 14 years old, Gabby decided that she needed to be coached by the well known, Liang Chow. While her family stayed back in Virginia, Gabby moved to Iowa to work with Chow and fulfill her Olympic potential. Gabby famously won gold medals in the 2012 Olympics for individual all around and team competitions. After taking some time off, 19 year old Gabby is currently preparing for the 2016 Olympics and we can’t wait to see “the flying squirrel” soar once more.

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Gabby Douglas Silences the Skeptics in Her Comeback

INDIANAPOLIS — Comebacks are common in sports, and they are certainly common in gymnastics, but successful returns can be hard to come by.

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What Athletes Eat: Gabby Douglas’ Favorite Dinner

Three years after capturing team and all-around gold at the 2012 Olympic Games, gymnastics superstar Gabby Douglas is back for more.

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Gabby Douglas Seeks to Rekindle the Olympic Fire

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gabby Douglas was exasperated. Again and again and again, Douglas, the defending women’s Olympic all-around gymnastics champion, emphatically slapped her right hand on one of the picnic tables that sit just past the front desk at Buckeye Gymnastics…

Gabby Douglas

Gabrielle Douglas is a US Women’s Artistic gymnast. At the 2012 London Summer Olympics, she won gold medals in both the team and individual all-around competitions. Gabrielle is the first woman of color of any nationality and the first African-American gymnast in Olympic history to become the Individual All-Around Champion. She is also the first American gymnast to win gold in both the gymnastic individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympic games.

Gabrielle was introduced to gymnastics by way of a cartwheel. Her older sister, Arielle – a former gymnast and competitive cheerleader, was determined to teach the toddler the sport she loved. Gabrielle immediately picked up her older sister’s love of the sport and soon taught herself how to do a one armed cartwheel.

Although a four year old Gabrielle vividly remembers flipping around the house and off the furniture, there was a bit of a delay in beginning her formal training. After two years of poking and prodding, Arielle convinced their mother, Natalie Hawkins, to allow Gabrielle to train at a local gym. Once formal training began, another two years was all it took for Virginia to crown Gabrielle as the new 2004 Gymnastics State Champion.

Gabrielle soon reached her peak at her local gym, quickly accumulating numerous victories and top finishes over the next few years. The task became clear; Gabrielle had to convince her mother to allow her, the youngest, to move across the country in pursuit of her Olympic dream. This would allow her an opportunity to train under elite coach Liang Chow in West Des Moines, IA. and only then could she learn the skills needed to reach an Olympic level. At age 14, having overcome a number of obstacles placed before her, Gabrielle left Virginia Beach and her family behind to train with Liang Chow. Living with a host family, the Partons, Gabrielle now plays the role of big sister to their four girls. However, she is the youngest of four in her family. Her older siblings Arielle, Joyelle and Johnathan are always there to offer their love, support and encouragement.

Since leaving home, Gabrielle has earned a Team Gold at the 2011 World Championships, placed first at the 2012 Olympic Trials (earning the only guaranteed spot on the Olympic Team), 2012 Olympic Team Gold and the 2012 Women’s Gymnastics Olympic All-Around Title. Making her not only the first African American to ever receive the All-Around title, but also the only female gymnasts in history to possess both Team and All-Around Gold in the same Olympics. Gabrielle also plans to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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