What are PG Rewards?
PG Rewards are our way of thanking our loyal customers with even more exclusive savings. Every purchase you make earns you PG Points that you can redeem for discounts. You MUST be logged in to your Pinks and Greens Customer Account to receive PG Rewards for your purchases, social activity etc.
What is included with my PG Rewards membership?
Membership is free and you'll benefit from:
      • - Special Savings: points you earn go toward PG Rewards discounts
      • - Access to member-only exclusive events and promotions
      • - Double Points events
      • - A special birthday discount
How do I start earning PG Points?
Sign into your Pinks and Greens Customer Account and you'll be eligible to earn PG Points on all of your purchases -- so just Shop or Share and you'll start banking points! Don't have an account with us yet?

Click here to create a Pinks and Greens Customer Account and earn 100 points just for signing up.

How do I receive points for referring a friend?
Want to share your love of Pinks and Greens and get rewarded for it too? Referring a friend is easy and you can earn points two ways: when they create a Pinks and Greens Customer Account and when they make their first purchase.
1. Log into your Pinks and Greens Customer Account
2. Select the “My Referrals” option from your My Account menu. Here you will see your custom referral URL and code – these are unique to you and will allow us to track your referrals.
3. Enter the email addresses of your friends and a brief message to them and click Send.
4. OR you can copy your referral code and URL and share on Social Media - your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
5. You'll earn 100 points for every referral who signs up for a Pinks and Greens Customer Account, and 500 points for each referral's first order.
Remember that in order for you to receive credit for your referrals, they must access the site through your custom Referral URL and use your Referral Code at checkout.
How do I redeem my PG Points?
Once you reach 1,000 pts, you have earned $10 off your next purchase (or save points towards a larger discount).
1. Log in to your Pinks and Greens Customer Account and shop as usual.
2. When you checkout, you will see a point slider prior to payment allowing you to spend your points.
3. Drag the slider to your right to spend your points and save instantly!
Points can be redeemed in increments of 1,000 (ex. 1,000 pts =$10, 2,000 pts= $20, etc.)
Do I earn points on sale items or when using a discount code?
You'll earn 3 points for every $1 spent (including on sale and clearance items). Points are awarded on the current sale price and are applied after any discount codes. Points are not awarded on shipping or taxes.
Do PG Points expire?
Yes, your PG points are good for one year from the date you last earned any points. For example, if you make a purchase January 1st, earning 522 points, these will expire on Dec 31st of that year. However, if you then write a product review on June 6th, you would earn 50 points, and all of your PG Points would then be good until June 5th of the following year. Expired points will be deducted from your balance and we will notify you by email prior to any expiration.
If I return an item do I get to keep my points?
Unfortunately since there's no purchase, points are not earned. If you exchange an item however, we'll make sure you get points for your final purchases. Can I get credit for previous purchases, or if I checkout as a guest? Sorry! Points may not be earned on purchases prior to the launch of the PG Rewards program, July 11th, 2013. However, as our gift to existing Pinks and Greens Customer Account holders we have awarded you bonus starting points to kick off the program. You must be logged into your Pinks and Greens Customer Account to receive points for your activities. Any purchases made through guest checkout are not eligible for points and we are unable to retroactively apply them.
What is my PG Rewards account number?
You don't have an account number. All PG Rewards and points are linked to your Pinks and Greens Customer Customer Account under your email address and name.
How do I check my points balance?
Log in to your Pinks and Greens Customer Account. On the left side of the page (grey nav bar) click on My Points and Rewards.
Why haven't I received a birthday certificate/discount?
If you haven't received an email from us, it's likely because we don't have your birthday on file. Please add your birthday to your Pinks and Greens Customer Account profile under Account Dashboard and submit a customer service ticket. We'll make sure you get your birthday bonus points.
I just wrote a review and my points aren't showing in my account?
Please allow 72 hours for points to appear in your account. All reviews must be approved before points will be released.
I liked products on Facebook, shared on Twitter, and/or pinned on Pinterest but don't see all the points in my account?
Social sharing points are limited to a maximum of three per day (24 hour period). To earn Social Sharing points you must be logged in to your Pinks and Greens Customer Account and use the social sharing icons located on PinksandGreens.com.