Lululemon Shuns “Plus Size” at a size 10!!


I just finished reading an article and watching a video on the Huffington Post where they discuss Lululemon shunning their version of a plus size customer at a size 1o. “Most of the merchandise was presented out on the floor, hung on the walls, or folded neatly in cabinets for all the world to see. But the largest sizes — the 10s and the 12s — were relegated to a separate area at the back of the store, left clumped and unfolded under a table. These larger offerings were rarely restocked, said Licorish, who worked at Lululemon for four months in 2011. The only styles available in those sizes were old designs whose fashion moment had long since passed.” I am not exactly sure what planet these people are on that they consider size 10 a plus size. What is this teaching all of the women and young girls in America these days. I am very much an advocate of a healthy and active lifestyle, but we cannot have major brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and Lululemon stating that they do not want their version(size 10) of fat women in their stores. From a pure monetary standpoint, I am not sure how companies can avoid the plus size market. “Consumers are expected to spend about $332 million on athletic wear sold at plus-size women’s clothing stores this year, according to an estimate from market research firm IBISWorld — a figure that doesn’t capture purchases made in stores that also sell non plus-size items.”

There are very few companies that make plus size activewear, Nike (but limited), Lola Getts, Live Life Large, Zella and that is about it. I think that the world needs to change their perception of size and just encourage people to live an active life. No matter what a woman’s age, shape or size, we find that women just want to look good while being active. Contrary to what the skinny people of the world think, plus size women do not want to just wear an oversized men’s t-shirt and leggins to the gym. (oh and yes they do go to the gym). Plus size women wear sleeveless shirts, wild printed pants, oh and even stripes!!! (those are all of the misconceptions that we hear from all of the brands that we carry…so frustrating) This topic is a constant battle that we have with every brand-make larger sizes!!!

Here are some of the readers comments:

Great. Yet another company that makes a fortune by making young girls feel bad about their bodies.

Sheer see through yoga pants, and no fat shoppers…this is the best store in the US !

Okay I’m a plus size gal and I do not want to shove my jiggly bits into skin tight clothing. Keep your overpriced sweatpants.

Plus Size Workout

In reality, most hard core fitness brands do not look that great on people over a size 8 because they are so skin tight. Stay with us ladies, we are pushing all of these brands as hard as we can to produce more product that fits all women.

Thanks for listening to my rant!