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How did your kids learn tennis?

My daughters are 12 and 10 years old now and aside for a few lessons here and there haven’t really […]

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Any Good Golf Exercises?

I feel like I finally got into golf “fighting form” and now winter is coming.  Does anyone have any good […]

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do you readjust your grip?

tennis question for you all – should my grip change after hitting a forehand and moving to a backhand. I […]

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drukarnia targówek Podchodzę zaś zachęcam interesowanych do stosunku na priv gdyż wkraczając do odnośnika z powyższego postu mogę głupio orzec, […]

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Does Anyone Take Spin Classes?

I’m not a huge fan of riding bikes, but I’ve heard spin classes are different. I desperately need a new […]

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How much $ is too much for a round?

I’m just starting to play golf again. How much should I expect to play for a round? How much money […]

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 Sports Bra for Golf?
7 replies
Racquet String Tension and Weight

Over the course of playing tennis, have you ever changed your string tension or weight? How did you know it […]

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