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How many teams do you play on?

I play regularly on two teams and have just been asked to join a 3rd. Doing so would prevent me […]

2 replies
What level player am I?

I want to start playing USTA in my area. How do I know what level I would be? Any guidance […]

3 replies
do you readjust your grip?

tennis question for you all – should my grip change after hitting a forehand and moving to a backhand. I […]

3 replies
Need new socks for running.

Does anybody have any suggestions for great socks for running. Never thought this would be a big deal, but I […]

3 replies
I want to switch positions!

I’ve been playing with my partners for a few years now. We play one up one back with me covering […]

3 replies
schedule for a 5K?

I just signed up for a 5K in my town in November. I’m not a runner so am definitely starting […]

6 replies
Half Triathlon training
2 replies
Sports Bra Heat Rash?

Does anyone get this when they sweat? I get it a lot in the summer when I am outside in […]

4 replies

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